Free architecture city walk

Architecture Week is a wonderful thing for Hobart because it means you get to come for a walk with me to find out all about the architectural styles of Hobart’s major colonial era buildings.

Open House Hobart is about showing off secret places to architecture fans, mystery lovers and sticky beaks. Save the dates for 2020, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 November.

Explore and discover Hobart’s fabulous colonial architecture of the CBD. By the end of this fast-paced walking tour you will be able to tell your Gothic from your Doric and never confuse the Ionic and Corinthian styles again.

I really love helping people have fun and learn more about Hobart’s history, the city’s colonial architecture and the stories behind our sandstone beauties.

Cost: free
Date: Saturday 14th November
Start time:  10:30 am and 1:pm – same tour each time
Start location: courtyard behind Drunken Admiral, 19 Hunter St, Hobart.
Finish time: 1 hour after the start
Finish location: Parliament House, Salamanca Place.
How to book: this tour is an Open House Hobart event. I can’t book you in. Keep an eye on the OHH site. They will launch the OHH 2020 program on Tuesday 20th October and you can book your spot directly with them.

I have been doing this tour for OHH since 2014 and it’s great fun – we have a lot of ground to cover in just 60 minutes so be sure to wear your walking shoes